openstem-owl-logo-102x60OpenSTEM Pty Ltd creates resources and complete programs for use in schools and other educational settings, fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Our flagship product is the Understanding Our World® HASS+Science Program for Primary Schools, and our latest addition is the Diced Maths™ activities and resources.

Comprehensive Primary Program

Our materials implement the Australian Curriculum (including assessment) and the state-level curricula, but expanded and generally cross-curricular: we integrate the relevant different subjects as experienced in the real world, as well as cater for multi-year level classrooms.
Australian Made & Owned

Awesome materials for awesome teachers!

The OpenSTEM® Understanding Our World® Program for Primary Schools is comprehensive, covering all of the version Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences  (HASS) + Science curricula in Primary Schools:

  • Foundation (K/Prep) to Year 2 covers History and Geography + Science
  • Years 3 and 4 cover History, Geography and Civics & Citizenship + Science
  • Years 5 and 6 cover History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship and Economics & Business + Science

The more I see our teachers and students work with the programs, the more convinced I am that we have a great partnership and are doing the right thing by the kids.
— Cheryl Rowe, Principal

Many schools have been using our resources and units, some for a number of years.  You can start any time and in a form that suits you (unit trial in one classroom, school wide, or individual teachers or year levels). Contact us for more details, and any questions you might have.  Feel free to ask us for a reference (teacher or principal of a school we’ve worked with).

Individual Term Unit Bundles

We have created comprehensive OpenSTEM® units from the Foundation Year level to Year 6. You can purchase a single unit to try.

Individual resource PDFs

There are hundreds of awesome OpenSTEM® resources for teachers and students, topical texts with highlighted keywords, illustrations and many unique photos.

See the Resources overview page.

Recently Published

General Workshops & Programs

trowelThese Workshops and Programs can be done at Junior or Senior Primary, or High School level.

Junior Primary Programs

Caterpillar avatarArjen's Diamond Mind v2 3D-printerSenior Primary Programs

Human Ancestors

homo-ergaster-frontStudents investigate how our human ancestors changed over time.

Our expert facilitator brings along 3D printed skulls of a wide range of hominin fossils, providing an awesome see-touch-compare experience.

Junior & Senior Secondary Programs

3D Printers

Using and learning about a 3D printer (Australian design), along the way learning about not only model design but also the engineering, mathematics and science involved, plus the ability to maintain the printer (for staff and students alike).

A 3D Printer is not merely useful for creating and printing designs. It is in itself an awesome object of learning, and in addition it can be used to produce otherwise costly educational materials within a school.

trowelArchaeology Textbook

A series of resources is available for Senior Secondary students. These resources are of particular relevance to Year 11 Ancient History students. Taken together these resources form chapters of a Textbook of Archaeology.